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How much is a sin­gle implant in the UK?

Curi­ous about den­tal implants? You’re not alone. Den­tal implants are grow­ing in pop­u­lar­i­ty and more den­tists are offer­ing this unique treat­ment. The price of den­tal implants is becom­ing more acces­si­ble, and many den­tists also offer inter­est-free cred­it pay­ment plans, allow­ing you to spread the cost.

In this guide, we’ll explore what fac­tors deter­mine the price of a sin­gle den­tal implant and what you can expect to pay in 2023. We’ll also look at how you can save mon­ey on sin­gle den­tal implants.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a permanent replacement for a missing tooth. A small titanium screw is placed in the jaw where it fuses with your bone. This provides a solid anchor for an abutment which then holds the prosthetic. A single dental implant can hold a crown, and multiple dental implants can support bridges or entire dentures.

The procedure is revolutionary because it allows your jaw bone to provide the support for the tooth, just like it does for your natural tooth. Other restorations for missing teeth – including bridges and dentures – rely on surrounding teeth and your gums to absorb the force of your bite.

A dental implant distributes the force of your bite across your jaw, which makes it the most effective restoration that is as close to a natural tooth as possible.

How much does a typical dental implant cost?

The actual cost of the dental implant is typically around £600 to £750, but this isn’t an all-inclusive price. This only covers the cost of the implant. On average, you can expect to pay between £2,000 and £2,500 for a dental implant in the UK. This should include all components, the final restoration, and multiple surgical procedures.

When choosing your dental implant surgeon, you need to make sure you have a good understanding of what is included in the price. This will help to avoid unexpected costs when you have already started the treatment.

What determines the price of a dental implant?

The price of a dental implant is very different to the price of a dental implant procedure. The approximate cost of a dental implant can be broken down as follows:

  • Dental implant – £700 to £1,200
  • Abutment – £200 to £300
  • Temporary crown – £100 to £200
  • Porcelain crown – £400 to £900
  • Zirconium crown – £500 to £700

This is just the material costs, the final cost of your dental implant procedure will also include:

  • Your implant surgeon: This isn’t a simple procedure like a filling. You need a specialist dental implant surgeon to carry out this procedure. You are paying for their expertise and specialist training.
  • Consultations and examinations: Before the procedure can begin, your implant surgeon needs to have a good picture of your wider health and oral health. They use specialist imaging including CT scans and X-rays to get a complete picture of your mouth and jaw.
  • Multiple surgical procedures: The process starts by placing the implant in your jaw, then this is left to heal. Next, your implant surgeon will place a healing abutment which sits above the gum line. Finally, the final restoration is completed by placing the crown. You might also have a temporary crown before the permanent one is placed.

Are implants free on the NHS?

No, dental implants are not available on the NHS and are commonly carried out as a private procedure. As this is a private procedure, it means that you have full control over where you go for treatment. You can also choose when your treatment begins.

Should I go overseas for dental implants?

We wouldn’t recommend overseas trips for any dental treatment. There are a wide range of well-documented risks that are more common with overseas treatment. This includes:

  • Language barriers: You might struggle to communicate with your surgeon, which can make the implant procedure more painful or scary. You might not be able to explain that something hurts. Likewise, if your treatment plan changes, you might not be kept informed.
  • No legal support: If something goes wrong with your treatment, you won’t have access to legal support to make the surgeon correct the mistake. This means you’ll have to pay to put the issue right in the UK. The NHS may only offer to remove the implants and not correct the procedure.
  • No aftercare: Recovery times for dental implant procedures can be quite long. You need to know that you have support from your surgeon throughout. With overseas treatment, this isn’t guaranteed.

How can I save money on dental implants?

The best way to save money on your dental implant treatment is to look for special offers. We currently offer £750 savings on dental implant treatment, with free CT scans and a free consultation. Get in touch to book your appointment.

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