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den­tal implants?

If you’ve been told you aren’t a suit­able can­di­date for den­tal implants, it could be because your jaw bone is not suf­fi­cient to sup­port den­tal implants. In this instance, there are a few ways we can help you. First, we can con­sid­er a bone graft to help increase bone vol­ume. We have also devel­oped tech­niques which allow us to manip­u­late and change your exist­ing bone. Alter­na­tive­ly we can also explore dif­fer­ent short­er implants which allows us to some­times avoid the need for exten­sive bone graft­ing. Book a Free con­sul­ta­tion so we can dis­cuss your options.

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Chew your favourite foods again

Den­tal implants will restore your chew­ing function

Boost con­fi­dence

This is the first step to restor­ing your smile

Look more youthful

Helps to main­tain your facial structure.

Sup­port sur­round­ing teeth

Pro­tect your remain­ing teeth.

Bone graft­ing for den­tal
implants explained

If you've been turned down for dental implants in the past, it could be because you do not have enough volume of bone in your jaw. The dental Implant needs to be completely surrounded by Jaw bone for it to be successful. With a bone graft, we can increase the bone volume in your jaw to make you a more suitable candidate for dental implants.

We can use bone material from several sources including your own bone, synthetic bone (no animal products), bovine and porcine bone products. This will be discussed at your consultation.  This procedure can usually be carried out at the same time as implant placement however occasionally the jaw bone will have to be left to heal for a period before we can continue with your dental implant procedure. 

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The ben­e­fits

Bone grafting will restore your jaw to a suitable form to allow implants to be placed following trauma, tooth loss or gum disease. It can help to maintain your facial structure and prepare your mouth for further procedures like dental implants. If you have been turned down for dental implants in the past due to poor bone, bone grafting could offer a way forward.

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The pro­ce­dure

Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that will restore bone volume to your jaw to allow implants to be placed. The bone grafting material can be taken from your own body, or we may use a bovine or porcine product depending on your preference. For patients who do not wish to have any bone product from animal sources we can even use a synthetic bone . The procedure varies considerably according to your circumstances but usually is carried out at the same time as the implant surgery avoiding the need for additional surgery.

Meet our expert team

Our friend­ly and expe­ri­enced team is here to make your treat­ment jour­ney as relaxed as pos­si­ble. Learn more about their spe­cialisms and how they can help to trans­form your smile with the lat­est den­tal tech­niques and state-of-the-art technology.

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Here’s what to expect

Curi­ous about the treat­ment jour­ney and what is includ­ed? Here’s what you can expect when you choose The Implants and Cos­met­ic Smiles Clin­ic as your treat­ment provider.

We encourage you to book a free consultation to learn if you are a good candidate for bone grafting. We will examine your mouth and jaw and determine if bone grafting could help you. We'll take X-rays and CT scans to get a better picture of your mouth and allow us to plan your treatment journey.

We offer interest-free credit financing to help you to spread the cost of treatment. During your consultation, we will explore financing options that are available to you.

Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that will usually be carried out at the same time as the implant placement however in some instances it needs to be done before to allow the bone to heal.

Won­der­ing about the cost of treatment?

With inter­est-free financ­ing avail­able on most treat­ments, you can spread the cost of den­tal care into afford­able month­ly pay­ments. Access the treat­ments you want with­out delay thanks to our flex­i­ble pay­ment terms.

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Spread the cost of your treat­ment with our flex­i­ble pay­ment plans, sub­ject to status.

Fre­quent­ly asked questions

We’ve answered the most com­mon patient ques­tions below. If you still have ques­tions about your den­tal treat­ment, get in touch to book a free consultation. 

The bone grafting procedure  is usually carried out at the same time as implant surgery so does not add much time to your appointment. Depending how complex your case is we offer sedation throughout the surgical procedure so you will be very comfortable and you won't be in any pain.

The recovery time for bone grafting is usually around a few days. However, for the bone graft to completely heal, it could take closer to 4 months but during this period you will feel totally normal. We will monitor the healing process and advise you on the aftercare steps that will help to keep your gums and mouth healthy while the bone graft heals.

This is a surgical procedure with some risks, including the risk of infection. We will discuss all of the possible risks and complications that might arise during the treatment. The risk of your bone graft being rejected is extremely low, but not an impossibility. 

 In some cases, bone grafting is required to increase the bone volume in your jaw, but not everyone will require this treatment. We will determine whether you need a bone graft at your initial consultation with the help of a 3D scan.

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  • I was made aware of this clinic by way of recommendation in the first instance. I required the services of this clinic and decided to make contact. From my initial query getting in touch with the clinic’s receptionist Kirsty, I was met with a friendly and informative staff team. This followed through the various processes with my doctor, Dr. Aryan Gharakhani and his team Roxana and Samiya who listened to me and explained very clearly what my options were and outlined my treatment plan. They allowed me time to process and inquire further to satisfy myself that I am confident with my plan. To be confident in this process is to impart your trust to your clinician and I am happy to say that Dr Gharakhani did a fantastic job and I am delighted with the results. If the need arose in the future, I would confidently use the services of this clinic and would highly recommend them to others if you or someone you know are looking to regain your beautiful smile. From my experience, you won’t find a more proficient and amiable team.

    Balbinita Foster

    Feb 20, 2024

  • Exceptional service! The team's professionalism, efficiency, and friendly demeanour made my experience truly enjoyable. Thank you for exceeding my expectations!

    Sabtien Siddique

    Feb 15, 2024

  • Very good service. Efficient and courteous. Pleased with the service received

    Oluremi Fajuke

    Feb 14, 2024

  • The Implant and Cosmetic Smiles Clinic provides exceptional dental care with knowledgeable staff and lovely facilities. Couldn't recommend enough :).

    RMS Temps

    Feb 14, 2024

  • Recently two weeks ago I and my wife had dental treatment with Dr Arian Garakhani and we are very pleased.He is realy approachable, professional,patient and excellent in taking any treatment and in giving you the best solution or advice.His patients always come first.The receptionists and dental assistants are at the highest level too.We highly recommend him and his Implant & Cosmetic Smiles Clinic .Obrad Mileusnic

    Obrad Mileusnic

    Dec 21, 2023

  • Great Place ! Friendly staff!! Amazing dentist! Amazing hygienist!

    Adina Marusac

    Dec 19, 2023

  • Just visited the new hygienist Charlene today and had a very pleasant experience, she done checks I’ve never had before and talked me through the cleaning procedure before and during my treatment. Also all the staff that I came in contact were very friendly and helpful I felt comfortable throughout my visit.

    Ida Mcgall

    Dec 14, 2023

  • Excellent treatment. Kind and unrushed. Good explanation of treatment required with clear pricing and no unexpected charges. If you need implants I would recommend them highly

    Gillian Greenwood

    Dec 13, 2023

  • What a wonderfully serene environment, came in to change some metal fillings and a dental clean, felt at peace during the whole process. Thank you kindly!

    Milaad Rajai

    Dec 13, 2023

  • My husband Mark just had an implant completed by Dr. Aryan Gharakhani. He was offered a free consultation, and in addition the price he was quoted for treatment was a lot cheaper than everywhere else, and yet the service he received was absolutely top notch. Also very importantly, he didn't have to suffer wasted time, additional expenses and lost earnings faffing about with CT scans in London, because they did the scan right there at the clinic at no cost to him. Every part of his treatment was fully explained to him at every step such that he understood how it was tailored specifically for him. After the implant surgery Dr. Gharakhani gave him his mobile number to call at any time of day or night should he have any concerns. All the staff were notably friendly and professional and we wish them all lasting success. We cannot recommend this business enough - thank you Dr. Gharakhani and team.

    Thip Phanisay

    Dec 12, 2023

  • I have had 4 implants placed at this practice by Dr Zahid Chowdhry and have been very pleased with the outcome.I will definitely return to this practice, if I require further treatment.Dr Chowdhry is an exceptionally knowledgeable and skilled implant specialist and has a very professional, yet friendly, way of explaining the required procedures and putting his patients at ease.I would highly recommend anyone thinking of a dental implant, or implants, to contact this practice.

    Antony Baker

    Dec 1, 2023

  • Been on a bit of a journey with my teeth recently. My teeth were very worn , enamel missing in places near the gums and discoloured. I felt like I was in safe hands during treatment. I felt like options were made clear. I am now delighted with the results. My teeth feel healthier, stronger and look really good - I’m smiling all the time! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Implant and Cosmetic Smiles Clinic.

    nina cobfeld

    Nov 30, 2023

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