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Miss­ing teeth can impact your con­fi­dence, dam­age your oral health and even change your face shape. Den­tal implants and same day teeth are a pop­u­lar option for those look­ing for a fast and easy smile upgrade, with­out long wait­ing times. Restore your con­fi­dence with same day teeth.

Den­tal implants start from £780 per implant

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New teeth in 1 visit

No more long wait­ing periods

Nat­ur­al look­ing results

Implants look and feel like nat­ur­al teeth.

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Boost your confidence

Eat, speak and smile with con­fi­dence again.

Trans­form your smile
with same day teeth

Same day dental implants allow you to complete a full smile transformation in just one visit. While dental implants are usually completed over multiple visits, same day teeth can allow you to achieve a same-day restoration. By using longer, angled implants, we can load the implants on the same day with a temporary bridge on top. 

Traditional dental implants are shorter and fit into the jaw bone similar to a natural tooth root. They need to be left to heal before they can support a crown, bridge or denture. With same day teeth, we can place longer angled implants with special connections  allowing you to leave the practice with a confident new smile.

Womans mouth showing contoured teeth

The ben­e­fits

Same day smiles offer a fast and effective way to transform your smile and get rid of ill fitting dentures. Normal dentures can be awkward and uncomfortable. With same day fixed teeth using dental implants, you can enjoy a permanent replacement for dentures that you don't need to remove . You can also eat your favourite foods again without worrying about them slipping.

Woman smiling showing great teeth

The pro­ce­dure

The procedure will be specific to your case but in general we place 4 to 6 implants in your jaw and then we can fix a temporary constructed bridge to the implants on the same day if you are suitable for this. After a healing period of 3 to 4 months we then replace the temporary bridge with a final fixed restoration.

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Save up to £750*

We are aware of the high costs of domes­tic den­tal treat­ment and are proud to offer low cost den­tal treat­ments with excel­lent results.

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