Con­scious seda­tion for ner­vous patients

If you’re ner­vous about vis­it­ing the den­tist, this could lead you to avoid treat­ment, which could dam­age your oral health. Instead, we rec­om­mend con­scious seda­tion or sleep den­tistry to help you feel calm and relaxed through­out your treatment.

Ready to smile with confidence?

Safe and effective

With 20 years of expe­ri­ence in seda­tion you are in good hands

No more nerves

You will feel drowsy, relaxed and calm through­out the procedure

No Pain or Memory

You wont feel any pain nor remem­ber much about the procedure 

If you’re a ner­vous patient and want to know how we can help make your treat­ment less daunt­ing, den­tal seda­tion could help you. We use con­scious seda­tion to help patients to relax through their treat­ment. Get in touch with our team today.

We know that some dental treatments can be daunting to nervous patients. Perhaps you're nervous about the sounds and sensations, or you've had a bad experience in the past and are worried about this happening again. At the Implant and Cosmetic Smiles clinic we take pride in providing the best possible experience to our patients. Dental sedation can help you to feel more at-ease during your treatment. You will still be awake and conscious, but you will feel relaxed and calm and wont remember much about the procedure after.

Conscious sedation is not only used for very nervous patients. It's also a popular choice for any patient undergoing longer procedures. such as full mouth Implant procedures. This is because of something known as the "twilight sleep". When you are under sedation, you feel calm and relaxed, and time seems to pass by more quickly. This means that longer procedures will feel much shorter, and patients rarely remember the procedure afterwards. 

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How can con­scious seda­tion help?

You don’t have to be a ner­vous patient to enjoy the ben­e­fits of con­scious seda­tion. It’s also high­ly effec­tive for mak­ing longer pro­ce­dures seem to pass by quick­ly and help you to relax dur­ing oral surgery. Here are just some of the ways it can help.

Help ner­vous patients

The most com­mon use for den­tal seda­tion is to help ner­vous patients over­come their fear and have the treat­ment car­ried out in a relaxed and drowsy state with no pain

Help with long procedures

Seda­tion can help longer pro­ce­dures to feel like they are much short­er for patients espe­cial­ly long implant procedures

Help any­one relax

Seda­tion helps patients feel more relaxed mak­ing the den­tal pro­ce­dure so much more comfortable

No Pain

Sedat­ed patients will still be giv­en local anaes­thet­ic or numbed but you wont feel or remem­ber this

No or Lit­tle recall of the procedure

You wont remem­ber much about the pro­ce­dure and patients often think they were asleep but you remain con­scious throughout